16 Quotes About Success That Will Jumpstart Your Day


Have you ever been in the middle of a difficult time and suddenly hear or see something that was exactly what you needed at exactly the right time? As if the Universe was speaking directly to you?

I’ve put together my favorite quotes about success that will hopefully serve as that sign from the Universe for someone out there struggling right now. Also, don’t forget to check out my favorite personal quotes I’ve shared HERE. You can also download my FREE MOBILE APP to get daily inspirational messages sent to your phone! Download for free on the App Store = https://apple.co/3nhvjap  or on Google Play = https://bit.ly/3DRzS1I

It’s interesting how the same words can mean different things at different times simply based on how you’re feeling. As Henry David Thoreau says,

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. – Henry David Thoreau”

I keep a list of my favorite quotes about success handy and reflect on it from time to time when I need an extra shot of inspiration

Here’s 16 of my favorite quotes about success to help jump start your day.

Inspirational Quotes to Help You Have the Right Mindset for Success

inspirational quote 1

“Your life doesn’t get better by chance. It gets better by change.” – Jim Rohn

Only you are in control of your destiny. No one else. Start taking the actions needed to get the results you want. The results aren’t just going to happen on their own.  

inspirational quote 2

“You can’t turn a negative mindset into positive actions.”- Unknown 

If you think you can’t then you won’t. If you think you can then you will. Empower yourself with positive thoughts and the positive actions will follow.  

inspirational quote 3

“Your past does not equal your future unless you decide to live there.” – Tony Robbins

Let go of the past. Your past does not have any determination on your future unless you allow it to.

inspirational quote 4

“Failure is an event, not a person.” – Zig Ziglar

You have failed, but you are not a failure. Successful people experience many failures on their pathway to success. The average millionaire goes bankrupt at least 3.5 times in their life.  

inspirational quote 5

“Water the flowers, not the weeds.”- Fletcher Peacock

We spend more time watering our weeds with our thoughts than watering our flowers. Then we get upset about why our weeds have grown. Focusing your attention on the positive will attract more positive things into your life, but focusing on the negatives will bring more negatives.

inspirational quote 6

“Train your mind. Your body will follow.” – unknown

Success starts from within. Everything you need to succeed is inside of you. Get in the right mindset and the results will follow.

inspirational quote 7

“Let go and let God.” – unknown

Your life will never go exactly as you planned. It’s important to remember that God’s plan is bigger than your own. You may not see it right now but the struggle you’re experiencing may be helping you get to a better place.

Inspirational Quotes to Help You Stay Focused on Your Goals

inspirational quote 8

“A man is what he thinks about all day long.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you stay laser focused on your goals long enough eventually they will manifest into reality.

inspirational quote 9

“A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” – Chinese proverb

Don’t stress about how far along you are or how long it will take.  It doesn’t matter how far others are on their journey. No matter the distance ahead every journey begins by taking that first step.

Inspirational Quotes to Help on Money and Investing

inspirational quote 10

“Don’t save what’s left over after spending, spend what’s left after saving.” – Warren Buffett

Have your priorities in order. Invest first, spend second. Not the other way around. That way eventually your investments will make enough money to pay for all of your expenses.

inspirational quote 11

“Don’t trip over a dollar trying to pick up a dime.” – unknown

Always remember the bigger picture. Don’t get caught in the small things that you forget the big things.

Inspirational Quotes on Not Giving Up

inspirational quote 12

“You’ve survived 100% of your bad days up until this point.” – unknown

Think about the most difficult days you’ve experienced in your life. You’ve survived every one of those. The difficulty you’re experiencing today will be no different.

inspirational quote 13

“You grow through what you go through.” – Tyrese Gibson

Just like your muscles, the only way for you to get stronger is by being broken down first. Every challenge you face is helping you to grow into the person that you need to be.

inspirational quote 14

“Your struggle today is your story tomorrow.” – unknown

If you wrote a book on your own life, what would you write about? Probably a lot about the many struggles you’ve overcome. The struggles you’re dealing with today will just be another small chapter of the story you tell tomorrow.

inspirational quote 15

“Smooth seas do not make for skillful sailors.” – African proverb 

The only way to learn to navigate through storms is by going through storms. There is no instruction manual – you just have to experience them yourself. The most skilled sailors seek out the biggest storms just as avid surfers seek out the biggest waves. It’s the only way to get better.

inspirational quote 16

“In my life I’ve failed 90% of the time. But that doesn’t matter. Because all you have to be is right once.” – unknown

All successful people fail over and over in life. Babe Ruth struck out over 1,300 times. Picasso is known for over 100 masterpieces but he created over 50,000 works of art. Ravio, the angry birds developer, created 51 games that were unsuccessful before creating Angry Birds.

The great thing about business is you can fail over and over but just have to get it right once to succeed. And when you do no one will care about your past failures.

Final Thoughts

Everyone fails at something at some point. Even successful people have face challenges – many of the same ones you’re facing right now. Challenges are just speed bumps on the path to accomplishing incredible things.

I hope some of these quotes can be a positive influence to get you in the right mindset to take you where you need to go.

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  • Hoyle.Rebecca

    The secret of success is to stick to your own goals and beliefs

    Posted Mar 29th
  • Momoh Sesay

    thanks mr. Dhar mann you are a genius on what you are doing i must connfess as a new fan of yours i am here to stay lol

    Posted Mar 20th
  • Saviour Kubal

    Hey, I have loved your Videos and everyday it changes my life. I love this and I have been introducing many of my friends to like you page am a Ugandan how I which you share me important inspiration on my whatsApp Number which is this veryone I have used for texting you. Thanks so much.

    Posted Feb 21st
  • Ann Ndunge

    Hi, thanks for your inspirational quotes, they are indeed a wake up call to everyone desiring to pursue a dream. Through determination, focused mind and having a positive attitude, I believe each one of us can get to achieve their so desired goals in life!! ??? ❤️

    Posted Oct 8th
  • Daleen

    I always tell especially those selfrighteous ones that if you had never been through heartaches and pains,eg death of a loved one,divorce,marriage,drugs,alcohol etc etc, dont u eva go out there and preach about it coz what u will tell is what u know from books,tv,and stories and u will neva be able to express and share those true indept feelings of wot a person who already been there.So woteva coping meganisms they used 2 get through it dont be 2 judgemental coz its only the strong ones who will stood the test of tym.1 of My fav quotes is tats not how many tymes u fall down ,but is how many tymes u got up and try again that make a difference.I’ve been through it all and still i,m myking bad choices,but today i can say I,m still standing! Only through Christ tats give me strength and i will not eva stop doing good 2 others or giving up on my principles by which i was raised though thT myd them labelled me as the biggest fo0l of al tymes and i may end up all alone ,but i will keep on trying challenging someone to focus and bring out in him/her tat little positive and good tats in all of us,then him/her dragging me down in the mud doing bad things with him up 2 point theres no return no matter wot the world may think of me!!!! Right now im feeling so total heartbroken in despair sumtymes feels 2 juzl give up after my boyfrielnd broke up with mel with no reason in the most cruelest heartless way i wish not for even my enemies 2 go through but through my tears i had 2 lift up my head and chin and smile 2 the world as uf nothing is of the matter but i please my self in the knówing its 4 the best things can only get better now…..



    Posted Sep 15th
  • John Bigelow

    Seen your post on Facebook and it inspired me to wanna try and make my life better and take on my challenges head on…. Thanks for the inspiration…

    Posted Aug 25th
  • Sfiso from South Africa

    Hi i enjoy reading your qoetes they always uplift me and look life positively.

    Posted Jun 30th
  • Roberto S.

    Mr. Dhar Mann, this is my first time I have visited your web page, and as a psychological therapist, your inspirational words have touched me beyond my understanding due to tearing up on presently understanding how my past thoughts have interfered with my destiny of being positive for and in the future. Many blessings and you now have a follower. Thank you.

    Posted Feb 21st
  • King

    Thanks for the inspiration true your words. May everyone realize that we need each other more than we can ever imagine.

    Posted Jan 30th
  • Iris

    Hi you guys! Thankyou for doing this generous giveaway, I have so much respect for you guys for giving back, especially when you go out and prepare food for the homeless, you guys are awesome. For the vacation giveaway I would like to nominate my mom. We are here in California. Ever since i could remember, my mom has been my rock. She raised me and my brother all by herself. She would find work cleaning houses, laundrymats, selling food, finding any type of way to keep a roof over our head and keeping food on the table. She made sure we had clean and when possible new clothes, while she shopped at second hand stores for herself. Me and my brother began working at 15 in fast food to help her and now i am thankful to god that we are able to show our appreciation for everything she did for us by taking care of her. I dont know where she would like to go, but i can say this..she loves the water and is the most grateful person i know, and she would be eternally grateful to you guys for gifting her a trip. (Thanks again you two, love u)
    Ps. Dhar i think your buzzfeed article was on point. My favorite advice you gave for influencers starting out is to stick to one area of expertise. I say that because theres lots of pages out there that have too much content of different subjects and it definitely will lose a viewers interest if they came on to your page looking for one subject that caught their attention and they get a load of bunch of unrelated content. So great advice!

    Posted Nov 11th
  • Stefanie King

    I would LOVE to take my boyfriend on our dream trip to Canada. He talks about going to Canada literally every single day. My boyfriend is one of the best people on this planet. I don’t know where i would be without him. Since we were sophomores in high school I lived with him because my family was having a lot of money issues and had to move into a one bedroom hotel with my mom, step dad, brother and sister. so there was obviously no room for me. Throughout all I was going through at the time with my family’s money problems, my boyfriend was MY ROCK. I couldn’t possibly ask for someone more loving and supportive. even though we were only 15 him and his family took me in. ever since he has given me everything I could ever want. We are now 21 and are juniors in college! We are definitely broke college students. We were already saving literally every penny to try to go to canada the second week of march, but my car broke down and had to use what we saved to fix it. He supports me so much with everything I do, emotionally and financially. I would love to be able to give something to him for once. who knows where i would be without him. If i could just do ONE thing for him, I would be so greatful. I love yalls relationship, it is definitely one to look up too. y’all are literally the ultimate goals. Even if I don’t win i’m greatful for the opportunity!! Love y’all!!
    my favorite tip from Dhar is ENGAGE with your followers! y’all do so much to engage with your supporters and trust me everyone appreciates it!!
    (we are from fort worth texas!)

    Posted Nov 8th
  • Talin

    Hello Dhar & Laura!?❤️ I live in Glendale and although my dream vacation would be Greece ?? I would have to say a reasonable destination would be Alaska. My husband and I never went on a honeymoon due to work and health related issues. He felt bad about it and told me that wen though we hadn’t gone on a honeymoon that we would go on small trips in the future and call them manymoon trips lol. We have been together 14 years and married 4 of those years. The last four have been challenging in both health and Finances and we have yet to go on a honeymoon or start our plans for the manymoon trips. With the $1000 we would be able to kickstart our manymoom trips (won’t be enough for a dream trip, but it’s more than enough for a small getaway). Also, I would favorite trip you guys went to would be Mykonos ??. Thank you to the both of you for this great giveaway. ???

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  • Chinnie Wong

    I would love to go to Maldives with my boyfriend!

    Posted Nov 3rd
  • Monty

    Thank you for the excellent article

    Posted Sep 8th
  • Tammi

    It works very well for me

    Posted Aug 30th
  • lindsey kerridge

    Love all your quotes very positive thank you for Sharing.

    Posted Aug 29th

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