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Hi, I’m Dhar.

I’m a serial entrepreneur with a lot of experience navigating the highest highs of success and the lowest lows of failure. (It pretty much comes with the territory.)

One minute I was living in a 4-story Hollywood Hills mansion with 9 exotic cars in the garage, and the next minute I was flat broke, carless and grateful to be sharing 300-square feet of living space with a friend.  

Luckily, my breakthrough moments of reflection and understanding came right when I needed them most – while sleeping on a couch in a cramped studio apartment.

That’s when I discovered having the right mindset is a critical component to achieving success. It is the single biggest reason why…

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Dhar Mann

Facebook Reviews

He has a very powerful way of getting fantastic messages across to people. Sadly they are things people have stopped doing but he is reminding society what our most basic morals and treatment of others should return to.

Airicka Minder

Love the morals of his stories he tells, well at least the ones that I've seen so far. Keep it up sir. Keep telling your perspective on things and keep telling your stories.
Much Love......

Kayli Angel

The videos are amazing. They are helping me get thru a very hard spot in life right now. I appricate all the hard work and effort he puts into the videos.

Jennifer Justham

His philosophy seems to be human kindness, we need more people ready to just be positive and nice. He and Laura were very nice.
He was trying to be helpful in answering questions about alot of topics, not claiming to know the answers, just his feelings about the topics. 
I liked them. I hope they know Jesus, they would help win souls. Jesus is Love, Dhar seemed to be a man with much love.

Brenda Legge

Videos that make you think of real life situations. Young or old there is a message for you. Love all of them.

Magud Guerra
Dhar Mann entrepreneur
dhar Mann LiveGlam owner

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